Bespoke Tours of the Giants Causeway Coastal route

Bespoke Tours of the Giants Causeway Coastal route are ideally suited for cruise ship shore excursions, private tours and incentive award tourism. We facilitate these tours by a pick up and drop off service from Belfast and Portrush harbours, Belfast International airport, Belfast City George Best airport, the City of Derry airport and at hotels within Northern Ireland.

The landscapes of Ireland are majestic, they are breathtaking and they leave you in awe and wonder. Here in the Glens of Antrim and the Causeway Coast you will find beauty that is beyond compare.

The Antrim Coast road is a journey of discovery into the Glens and the Causeway beyond. The Glens sweep down from the Antrim hills onto the shore line and are a haven for wildlife amongst their forests and rivers.

The Causeway is an expanse of Coastline that stretches West from Pleaskin Head to its central iconic site the World famous columns of the Giants Causeway. Here you will find 40.000 columns of Basalt rock nestled on the shore, with the waves of the North Atlantic Ocean ebbing and flowing against them in a rhythm that began over 60 million years ago.

On your tour with us, you can find ancient castle ruins ,early Christian settlements, and historical graveyards. St.Patrick spent time here and famously brought Christianity to Ireland in the 5th century.

Prior to St.Patrick’s arrival our history is recorded in Mythology, folklore and legend and here in the heart of County Antrim you will find Celts and Gaels who are proud of their past.

This is the place to explore for the culturally curious visitor, we celebrate our culture here, it is central to our identity, and we keep it alive in our language, our literature, in our sports. There is an array of talented people here who celebrate our culture in art, music,song and dance. This tour presents our guests a chance to meet and mix with the most genuine of people.

To present this unique part of our island to you we have invested heavily with our time to push ourselves to the forefront of this industry. We have blended a mix of “old world skills” with modern techniques and added to that mix our own personality and sense of humour. We have created the perfect atmosphere for you to relax and enjoy your journey.

The logistics are simple, we use the very best of everything available to exceed your expectations. Luxurious transport, fabulous restaurants and refreshing coffee shops. To deliver your day we will assist you in planning your itinerary we provide the options from the well known Giants Causeway to the quaint little village of Cushendun . We take time with you to help you make your selections.We want to provide you with the day that you have always dreamed of.

With attention to detail, and our very own unique insight this tour is something truly special . In MARK RODGERS you have a perfect host, his knowledge is superb and he possesses the ability to know just the right moment to give you your own space and time .

Touring with MARK your day becomes an experience, creating memories you will want to revisit again and again, if not in person then surely in your dreams

Please note:
This tour is ideal for couples or small groups, but upon request can be extended to cater for up to 12 people.
The bespoke tour is ideally suited to ICENTIVE AWARD TOURISM.
The bespoke tour is ideally suited for CRUISE SHIP CUSTOMERS

Prices are variable depending on the size of the group.

Prices include

Pick up from hotel/airport/harbours
Top of the range Mercedes Benz travel
Dedicated Guide for the day
Morning and afternoon refreshments
Top class lunch at a selected venue
Fantastic photographic opportunities


Mercedes Benz Sprinter Minibus

Mercedes Benz Sprinter Minibus