Causeway Tartan

Dalriada Kingdom Tours is the only company to wear the World famous Giants Causeway and Causeway Tartans . These tartans were designed by Martin Balmer from Tweedy Acheson, Formal Menswear based in Coleraine Co. Londonderry .

We are proud to say that these tartans are now officially our corporate colours and all our guides will wear some item of tartan on tour.

These tartans mean a great deal to me, I am married into the Purdy family and they have traced their lineage back to 1588, they are direct descendants of the survivors of the Girona Galleas, which was a ship from the Spanish Armada that was wrecked on the Causeway on 26/10/1588.
The Purdy’s history on the Causeway goes back just over 125 years and my guide and my inspiration to form this company was my father in law William John Purdy. His love for the Causeway and the people of the shore knew no boundaries.

The tartans have great character and great warmth and they always remind me of William John. I will always wear it with pride in his memory.