The Dunluce Castle guided walking tour

The Dunluce Castle guided walking tour that we deliver is truly unique . In the company of our principal guide MARK RODGERS, we have the only local guide who can offer this experience. We are the only local company that conduct tours of this iconic site.

The castle’s history dates back to between the 4th and 8th centuries and it has unfolded through the ages to create one of the most fantastic stories. It is recorded in the “ANNALS OF THE 4 MASTERS” and from it’s humble origins as a fort to it’s transformation to a magnificent family residence the famous promontory has captivated the imagination of storytellers, artists and photographers to our great delight.

The families who have lived here are amongst the most famous in Ireland’s clan history. The McQUILLANS and the MacDONNELLS stories simply shape and form this part of North East Ulster and create County ANTRIM as we know it today. The MacDonnells came to Dunluce in the 16th century from the Isles of the Scottish Hebrides and they are still here today as the LORD’S OF ANTRIM they reside in GLENARM CASTLE and hold a special affection among the people of the Route and Glens. Their story is one of clan rivalry, epic battles, marriages, political intrigue, famous chieftains, a “mermaids cave” and of course a castle ghost.

DUNLUCE CASTLE is a must do attraction when you are in this part of our island and the only way to leave feeling that your visit has been a truly unique experience is to have toured it with MARK RODGERS.

Price: £15.00 / person (including entrance fee)
Group rates are available please make contact to agree a price

Offered daily, booking for this tour is essential .