The Giants Causeway Guided Walking Tour

The Giants Causeway guided walking tour that we provide is simply the very best tour of this iconic site. No other guides can provide such a unique insight into a way of life that was nearly forgotten and it would have been if we had not had been for the love and support of our families, our friends and our neighbours. We are proud to say that we are the “people’s tour company”.

When you walk with us we will introduce you to a landscape that is truly a wonder of the world. It has an impact that heightens all of your senses and makes you feel alive. The beauty of this place will take your breath away, you can hear the sea as it crashes against the famous basalt rock columns, feel the wind on your face and taste the salt in the air on your lips as you listen to our guides tell their stories with a pride and passion that only we possess. We can gave you an insight into the sites Geology and explain in simple terms how this magnificent place was created. We can identify the birdlife wildlife and marine life as they present and the flora and fauna of the site will be explained on tour. When you walk with us you will feel just how much we belong here. You will discover our history and our heritage and hear of our social economic and cultural past.

The Causeway is steeped in mythology, folklore and legend. We are the storytellers and we will weave these elements of Irish Celtic Culture into tales past down through our families. Our principle guide MARK RODGERS is an old school, traditional Causeway guide and an Irish story teller a SEANACHAI. His love for the Causeway and the people of it is there for all to see as he creates an experience that you will retell and revisit if not in person then surely in your dreams. MARK is the CAUSEWAY GUIDE and he has assembled an outstanding team of talented local people to tell the real Causeway stories to a whole new audience.

We invite you to tour with us at a pace you will enjoy as we entertain and enlighten you in equal measure. Without knowing the Causeway the way we do, it would forever remain a mystery like an unopened book. When you walk with us we will lift the cover, thumb back the pages and reveal this special place to you the way only we can .This is the Giants Causeway walking tour.

Private Tours are our speciality
Group tours are available

Our Guides will meet our guests at the Giants Causeway and conduct tours of this iconic site

Price:Private Tours £15.00 / person (maximum 8 people) Group rates are available

Offered daily, booking is advisable to schedule a time most suitable for you.