The Rathlin Island Guided Walking Tour

The Rathlin Island guided walking tour is delivered by Mark Rodgers, he is an “old world”  guide with an enormous respect for the history and the heritage that shapes his life . He has a real love for his homeland and the people of it. These people are his family ,his friends and his neighbours and their stories are woven into the fabric of a shoreline that in days gone by was known as the Kingdom of Dalriada.

Between the 5th and 6th centuries Dalriada encompassed North East Ulster, the islands in between and the Western parts of Scotland in Argyllshire and Lochaber.

When Mark revived a family tradition of guiding he knew instinctively this was where he belonged . His family and other Causeway people have helped Mark create an unforgettable experience for his guests on the Giants Causeway and now he wants to challenge himself to work with other local guides and create a similar experience on Rathlin Island .

Rathlin was at the heart of Dalriada and it’s story deserves to be told , in the same uncompromising undiluted fashion embracing everything good about the Island and it’s people. Rathlin has a history that identifies the journey from Neolithic occupation, to early Christianity, the Viking raids and the sacking of the monastery, through to ROBERT THE BRUCE and unto the MacDONNELLS. It was one of the last places in the NORTH where the IRISH LANGUAGE was the voice of the people and the islanders have an identity of their own. The days of reliance on the KELP harvesting of old are long gone but not forgotten as you will discover on tour. Add to this mix the famous Puffin colony, Golden hares and common seals that take up residence in the bay and you begin to get a feel for this special island .

Mark believes the time is right to meet new challenges and tell more stories from our past , to open a new chapter in the life and times of Dalriada Kingdom Tours..

Price: £50.00 / per person

* Price includes all bus & ferry travel costs.

Offered daily, booking for this  tour is essential.